Rpg Maker MV Translator

🎮 Use AI to translate all the dialogs and texts of your favorite RPG Maker MV video games automatically and for free.

🎮 RPG Maker MV, created by Kadokawa and released by Degica in 2015, is a software used to create role-playing video games. It is the replacement for RPG Maker VX Ace, released in 2011.

👊 You worked hard to make your game, now let AI work hard for you.

game translation italian to english

Why should you use RPG Maker MV Translator?

👉 RPG games usually consist of many thousands of dialog events and other forms of text displaying valuable information to understand the plot of the game, but also to know the effect and proprieties of various objects present in the game such as items, weapons, skills, enemies, etc.

👉 Translating an RPG game from one language to another would thus require an enormous amount of time and effort for a game developer, but it is a task that can be easily accomplished by a machine, or at least speed up considerably the work of a human translator saving costs and time.

👉 This project implements a tool that is able to automatically translate a game deployed with RPGMaker-MV and it can work even without having RPG Maker MV software installed.


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