GPX Files Cleaner: Dropping Unnecessary Pauses

👉 How frequently does it happens that your running or cycling activities are interrupted by a red traffic light, the need to drink some water, or simply to wait for your partner to reach you? 🤔

👉 Even if you pause your watch during your activity, thus not recording any distance, it will still continue to record your total time which will be then shown as your elapsed time in your application such as Strava. However, Strava will count this time instead than your moving time to compute your Personal Records and the Segments leaderboard, thus showing a time longer than what your real effort was.

👉 The goal of this application is to modify the gpx file of your activity to make the elapsed time coincide with your moving time while leaving all the other data unchanged. You will then be able to download your new gpx file and upload it on Strava or on your desired platform.

GPX Files Cleaner visual


  • Automatic pauses detection and clipping on GPX files
  • Easy upload and download of your cleaned file
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • The author has over 10 years of running experience including track, road, and trail running


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