Playing Pacman with Multi-Agents Adversarial Search

In this post, we are going to design various artificial intelligence agents to play the classic version of Pacman, including ghosts and capsules. Pacman is a famous Atari game developed back in 1979 by a nine-person team and then released in 1980 by the former Japanese developer and publisher of arcade video games Namco. The great success the game had at the time, made it … Continue reading Playing Pacman with Multi-Agents Adversarial Search

AIs Battle Royale: The ultimate snake

In a previous post, we developed two AIs to play the game of Snake, of which, the first one implements a heuristic algorithm to select its moves while the second one consists of a deep neural network trained with a reinforcement learning algorithm (Deep Q-Learning). Afterward, in a second post, we used a genetic algorithm to create different generations of snakes where the best individuals … Continue reading AIs Battle Royale: The ultimate snake

The imitation game

Alan Turing, a well know mathematician and computer scientist, has always been obsessed in finding a solution for the question “Can machines think?”. I think this question hasn’t been answered yet, not because of the lack of technology, considering that machines have been made by human engineers, we perfectly understand how they work. What we don’t fully understand is how our brain work, that gray … Continue reading The imitation game