Italian food

Traditional Italian menù

While Italian cuisine is known around the world for dishes such as pizza and pasta, the domestic cuisine of Italy itself differs a lot from internationalized Italian dining. The structure of a typical italian menù consists in six steps:

  • Antipasti are a selection of appetizers such as cured meats or small vegetable plates. These are some optional dishes and may or may not be on your menù.
  • Primo piatto, generally consists in pasta, spaghetti, rice or soup. Generally, these plates are traditionally of comparable size, quite a lot smaller than the main dish.
  • Secondo piatto is most commonly a red meat or poultry dish, though fish and seafood are also common and vegetarian secondi do exist. The secondo is the main dish.
  • Contorni are vegetable side dishes, sometimes served after the secondo and sometimes alongside it. You could get a mixed salad, roasted potatoes or one of a great variety of different kinds of cooked or raw vegetable dishes.
  • Dolci or desserts are served near the end of the meal. These could be fresh fruits in season, pastries, icecreams, sorbetto or dessert wine.
  • Of course at the end it can’t miss the caffé, the real italian coffe.

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